Beginning about 40,000 years ago early man was recording their memories in cave paintings. Much later, he began to write poems and prose. But only in the past 100 years has it become possible for us to record and interpret the world around us through photography.

My wish is that these photographs will speak to you of the world as I have seen and experienced it.

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Sunday, March 1, 1970


What kind of a trip would a child of 2 years, 7 months remember? It was the day our family moved from Gibbs, Missouri, to Lucerne, Missouri: March 1, 1942.

I remember standing inside of the wire fence that surrounded our house at the farm home where I was born, 2 miles south of Gibbs, Missouri, and watching Dad and other men load the horses and cattle onto a truck. There was a lot of noise and yelling, as the horses and cattle protested their being loaded onto the truck. No doubt the main reason I remember that day is because I was shut inside the yard fence and couldn't be closer to the action.

Then when the horses and cattle were loaded, we followed the truck in our 1937 Chevrolet, pulling a four-wheeled wagon loaded down with farm equipment. That was not remarkable for me at the time, but the way I rode in the car was! The car was packed to the gills with household goods and my baby crib mattress was stacked on top. I was then placed on top of the mattress with my back practically touching the ceiling of the car.

What I remember is lying there, looking out of the top of the car windows as we moved to the new farm, 7 miles southeast of Lucerne. Since 1942 I have traveled and lived in many parts of the world, but this first trip of only 68 miles is still one of the most memorable.

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