Beginning about 40,000 years ago early man was recording their memories in cave paintings. Much later, he began to write poems and prose. But only in the past 100 years has it become possible for us to record and interpret the world around us through photography.

My wish is that these photographs will speak to you of the world as I have seen and experienced it.

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Thursday, January 1, 1970

My Life of Travel

My first memory is when I was 2 years and 7 months old. It was my first trip and it was exciting! Since then trips of all types have been the pivotal points in my life. Each day, I have either been on a trip or planning the next one. It was not my goal to focus on travel. It just seemed to be an inescapable direction of my life. In this blog: "TRAVELS OF A LIFETIME" I will seek to recapture the memories and scenes of some of my trips. Come share these experiences with me.

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Bill Steffen said...

I enjoyed the pictures. I found your site googling "Steffenville". I'm Bill Steffen from Grand Rapids, Michigan now, originally from Chicago.