Beginning about 40,000 years ago early man was recording their memories in cave paintings. Much later, he began to write poems and prose. But only in the past 100 years has it become possible for us to record and interpret the world around us through photography.

My wish is that these photographs will speak to you of the world as I have seen and experienced it.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

France - Building Design Details

Each country, and each region, has its particular building designs and the particular details are evident in the building profiles, doors, windows, wells, fountains and more.  But underlying the differences from country to country is the even more remarkable commonality you find in certain features as you travel from country to country.

Following are some examples of Buildings from France.

Sologne, France (15)

Sologne, France (7)
La Courtairie (12)

Water Pumps and Wells of France,
Houssay (10)  Sologne, France (31)
 Houssay (22) Houssay (17)

And, Doors of France,
Tours, France (93) - Copy Tours, France (62) - Copy
Lavardin, France (12) - Copy
Blois (9) - Copy

To see other Building Design Detail photos such as the Door Knockers below,
go to my photography website at:

Tours, France (104) Tours, France (22)

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